How will GDPR impact you as a client or candidate?
BIZNIZ TOOLS sees GDPR as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship and trust with
our clients.

Your rights as a client to us
For BIZNIZ TOOLS it is of great importance that we create trustful relationships with our
clients, protect their integrity and give them control of their personal data. As from 25 May
2018, GDPR grants extended rights for you as a person (data subject). To get more
information on our Integrity policy or exercise your rights, please contact us
For more detailed information see below policy!

BIZNIZ TOOLS integrity policy

1. General

As regards the processing of personal data, BIZNIZ TOOLS Sweden AB (BIZNIZ TOOLS),
org. No 556738-1180, email:, describes in this document, how we
collect, use, disclose and store your personal information in conjunction with BIZNIZ
TOOLS providing services and products related to purchases and other contact with BIZNIZ
TOOLS, for example visit the website. This also includes the processing of personal data
made in the context of possession of the BIZNIZ TOOLS account (“Account Holder”).
You should always be able to feel confident when you submit your personal information to
us. We want to show how we ensure that your personal information is processed in
accordance with applicable privacy laws.

2. Data controller

BIZNIZ TOOLS is data controller for BIZNIZ TOOLS Sweden’s processing of your personal
data and is responsible for such processing in accordance with applicable law. BIZNIZ
TOOLS is also personally responsible for the processing of personal data in the possession of
BIZNIZ TOOLS customer login.

3. When do we process your personal information?

* In order to log in as a customer or contact us for information, we must collect and
process personal information about you.
* BIZNIZ TOOLS collects and processes personal information about you when you
becomes a customer. One of our Leadership Trainers adds you in the BIZNIZ TOOLS
administration to give you access to your digital training program.
§ In cases where the Leadership Trainer collects personal data for other uses, your
Leadership Trainer is personally responsible through his/her own company.

4. What personal data do we collect?

The personal information BIZNIZ TOOLS collects about you as a customer when using our
digital training programs:
* Name
* Email, which is your login username
The following can be collected by a Leadership Trainer, but there is no requirement from our
* Corporate
* Address
* Phone

5. Why do we treat information about you?

Mainly, BIZNIZ TOOLS processes your personal information in order to fulfill our
obligations to you as a customer, such as implementing the Training Program digitally and,
where applicable, billing and providing support.
The data can also provide basis for market and customer analyzes, market research and
statistics related to the purchase of goods and services.

6. The legal base for processing your personal data

BIZNIZ TOOLS processing your personal data based on legal basis. This is described in this
We mainly deal with your personal information in order to fulfill the agreement with you as
a customer.

7. Summary of BIZNIZ TOOLS personal data processing

Purpose Legal basis Categories on personal data
To administer, develop
and deliver our training
programs as well as
provide support.
of purchase
– Name and e-mailaddress
– If our Leadership Trainer has added more
information it can be org.number, address
and telephone number.

8. For how long will we save personal information about you?

Your personal information is only saved as long as there is a need to save them to fulfill the
purposes for which the data was collected in accordance with this policy. BIZNIZ TOOLS
may save the data for longer if required to comply with legal requirements or to monitor the
legal interests of BIZNIZ TOOLS, eg. if there is a legal process going on.

9. Who do we provide personal data to?

Personal data may be provided by BIZNIZ TOOLS if it is necessary to comply with
applicable legal requirements or government requirements, to utilize BIZNIZ TOOLS legal
interests or to detect, prevent or pay attention to fraud and other security or technical issues.

10. Change of policy

BIZNIZ TOOLS have the right to change this policy at any time. BIZNIZ TOOLS will
promptly notify you of any changes. If you do not accept the changes, you are entitled to
terminate the agreement with BIZNIZ TOOLS before the amended policy enters into force.
You can terminate the agreement by contacting BIZNIZ TOOLS Sweden AB, or the Leader
Developer you are working with.

11. The protection of your personal data
You should always be able to feel confident when you submit your personal information to
us. Therefore, BIZNIZ TOOLS has taken the security measures necessary to protect your
personal data from improper access, change and deletion.

12. Your rights

BIZNIZ TOOLS is responsible for processing your personal data in accordance with
applicable legislation.
BIZNIZ TOOLS will, at your request or on its own initiative, correct, disassociate, delete or
supplement information that is found to be incorrect, incomplete or misleading.
You are entitled to request
a. Access to your personal information. This means that you are entitled to request an
excerpt from the processing we undertake regarding your personal data. You are also
entitled to receive a copy of the personal data being processed. You are entitled to
once a calendar year, by written application, receive a registry extract from which
personal data are registered about you, the purpose of the treatment and the
recipients the information has been provided or to be disclosed. You also have the
right to receive information on where the data has been retrieved if personal data
have not been collected from you, the existence of automated decision making
(including profiling) and the predicted period during which the data will be stored or
the criteria used to determine this period. You also have the right to obtain
information about your other rights listed in this paragraph in the registry extract.
b. Correction of your personal information. We will prompt you to correct the incorrect
or incomplete information we process about you as quickly as possible.
c. Deletion of your personal data. This means that you are entitled to request that your
personal data be removed if they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which
they were collected. However, there may be legal requirements that we can not
immediately delete your personal data in, for example, accounting and tax laws. We
will then end the processing done for purposes other than complying with the
d. Restriction of treatment. This means that your personal information is marked so that
they can only be processed for certain delimited purposes
You are entitled to lodge any complaints regarding the processing of your personal data to
The Swedish Data Protection Authority.

13. Cookies

When you visit our website, we use cookies, you will find more information about how we
treat cookies in our cookie policy below.
14. Contact information
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this policy, processing
your personal information or requesting a registry extract. Our contact information can be
found below.

Box 62
134 22 Gustavsberg

What is cookies and do they function?
A cookie is a small text file that the site you visit requests to save on your computer. Cookies
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the cookie is possible to use to follow a user’s browsing.
There are two types of cookies. One type saves a file for a long time on your computer. For
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What are BIZNIZ TOOLS using cookies to?
We use cookies to provide a better user experience and do not share information to 3rd
BIZNIZ TOOLS uses two type of cookies.

Session cookies
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Other cookies
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The cookies we use do not save any personal information and/or information related to the
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